The Swedish company Strandmöllen AB has purchased a 3MW electrolyser from FEST GmbH. Strandmöllen is erecting a production facility to provide green hydrogen to the Swedish market and the electrolyser will be put into operation in July 2023.

The electrolyser consists of a container solution, which enables the possibility to expand its size and capacity with time. The project’s main objective is to reduce CO2 emissions from heavy vehicles, and the electrolyser will be provided with green energy from local wind turbines.

The project is a natural extension of Strandmöllen’s general sustainability focus and is partially financed by The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency.


Dennis Rasmussen, Technical Manager at Strandmöllen:

“After thorough evaluation of potential vendors, we found FEST’s workmanship and level of quality very high. FEST has been very responsive and proactive in the discussions, and we are convinced that the corporation between Strandmöllen and FEST will be very successful.”


Matthias Authenrieth, CEO at FEST:

“The technical exchange and discussions with the team of Strandmöllen were always open minded and very cooperative. We highly appreciate the trust and confidence in our technology and team. Strandmöllen will be a fantastic reference in the H2 business and we are looking forward to a long-term partnership.”


For additional information, please contact:

Finn Kofoed-Dam, Managing Director, Strandmöllen, +46 372-155 12

Matthias Authenrieth, CEO, Goslar, +49 5321 687 0


About Strandmöllen AB

Strandmöllen is a Nordic gas supplier with its origins in Denmark more than 100 years ago. Today, Strandmöllen is having facilities in Denmark, Sweden and Germany with more than 250 employees.


About green-H2-systems (by FEST GmbH)

FEST GmbH with its brand “green-H2-systems” is a German supplier and manufacturer of complete PEM electrolyzer systems (Green Electrolyzer), which provides full-containerized solution (delivered in 2x 40“ containers) incl. AC/MC – DC/LV supply, water purification, gas processing in H2 5.0 quality, EPC contracting and complete Lifetime-Services.

In cooperation with the companies of the Schmidt-Kranz Group, FEST provides complete H2 infrastructure projects – from production to consumer – to their international clients.

FEST GmbH founded and located in Goslar, Germany more than 70 years ago. Today, FEST is having facilities in Germany, Austria, Russia and India with more than 300 employees.

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